kung-fu: shaolin chuan – tai chi chuan

Shaolin Chuan
training of the young forest: strentgh and dynamism at all ages.

At the Buddhist monastery of Shalin szu also known as temple of the young forest, masters of various martial arts, who had then become monks, decided to exchange the secrets of each of their disciplines and codifying ten base sequences, which have become the core of the Shaolin Chuan practice. Shaolin Chuan develops strength, mental calm, concentration and makes the body flexible.

Tai Chi Chuan
training of the supreme principle: the alternation of ying and yang to balance the energies.

Sophisticated martial art for the body and your well-being. The supreme principle can be found in circular, slow and ontiniuous movements through which you learn not to oppose strength with strength, but to give in, divert and control.  A type of movement based meditation. It develops mental calm, concentration and it makes the body flexible.

The course is held by Gianluca Pantano, 6th grade Tai Chi Chuan and Shaolin Chan black belt.