Health Coaching & Mindfulness

Be mindful of yourself and breathe, your Nature will flourish

The Life & Health Coach is a person that supports people to explore a path of change of both emotional and physical nature, through the modification of the models of thought and action, which very often constitute real limits for vital and creative energy that every person has within himself.

The path is often supported by the use of the main mindfulness tools: the practice of Mindfulness frees the mind from automatic, anxious and compulsive thoughts, leading these towards a space of lucid and attentive presence, which allows to improve relationships through the growth of the ability to listen, to welcome and communicate with others in a clear and effective way and to increase the quality of life, through the growth of an inner space of awareness, from which to cultivate a creative openness to everyday life.

Each Mindfulness Coaching Cycle consists of 5 individual meetings plus a zero hour cognitive meeting. Between one meeting and another, from 7 to 14 days can pass.

For info and appointments write to Dott.ssa Valentina Bergamante: