Teacher Training Course

CENTERED YOGA teacher training course APRIL 2021

At the Centered Yoga Studio school in Milan, Francesca Petrilli leads the Teacher Training Course in the Dona Holleman’s Centered Yoga method, organized and promoted by the International Centered Yoga Association.

The Centered Yoga Beginners Course 250h lasts two years. Each year is structured in five long weekends (Fri-Sat-Sun) and a supervision and revision week with Dona Holleman at Soiano del Lago. At the end of the entire two-year path, you can take the final exam with Dona Holleman to obtain the Diploma Centered Yoga Beginners 250h recognised by CSEN Italia and Yoga Alliance. You can access the course becoming members of the International Centered Yoga Association.

First Year Programme: Standing Positions, complete cycle of sitting and forward positions, complete padmasana cycle.

The standing positions prepare the students towards awareness of the role of the force of gravity in relation to balance, stability and lightness in performing asana. The Vital Principles of yoga practice applied are: rooting, centering, alignment and lengthening. The sitting positions prepare for awareness of applying the following Vital Principles of pratice: meditative mind, body relaxation and breathing.  

Second Year Programme: twists, arches, upside down positions.

The twists, upside down positions and arches prepare the students to feel their creative, imaginative abilities. They make the body plastic, the mind elastic. Yoga becomes an art of self-expression.   


Dona Holleman. Centered Yoga: The Eight Vital Principles of Practice.

Dona Holleman. Dancing with the Flame of Life.

Blandine-Calais Germain. Anatomy in movement. Vol. I

Blandine-Calais Germain. Anatomy of breathing.

Mabel Todd. The thinking body.

During the two years further readings of both ancient texts and classics of pranayama will be recommended, as well as of reference authors fundamental in the experience of Dona Holleman, such as Iyengar, Krisnamurti, Castaneda, Vanda Scaravelli.

We await you to start this path of growth and awareness together.  

PER INFO: info@centeredyogastudio.org

Centered Yoga Beginners schedule 2018-2021 (3° group):


20-21 February 2021

16-17-18 April 2021

29-30 May 2021


The third group will attend the seminar at Soiano del Lago held by Dona Holleman from 2nd to 6th July 2021 in order to the final exam for the Diploma Centered Yoga Beginner.


Centered Yoga Beginners schedule 2019-2022 (4° group):


23-24-25 April 2021

21-22-23 May 2021

25-26-27 June 2021


The fourth group will attend the seminar at Soiano del Lago held by Dona Holleman from 18th to 22th September 2021 in order to review the second/third year program.