Viola Piacentini

Viola started out on her yoga journey more than ten years ago.

She’s tried and tested many teaching methods along the way, certifying in 2016 with a Hatha Vinyasa qualification through Mariah Bettes and Tamsin Sheey’s The Shala in Cape Town (South Africa).

Returning to Italy, she experimented with a few yoga styles from Anusara Yoga (Leonora Zotti) to Vinyasa (Bon Chan) as well as Ashtanga Yoga (with Riccardo Gherardi and Gabriele Severini).  In 2017, Viola dedicated herself to SwáSthya Yoga classes, based along tantra -sāmkhya principals and led by Carlo Mea under whose supervision she participated in seminars and in-depth workshops.  In 2018, thanks to a chance meeting with Marco Migliavacca and Giovanna De Paulis, Viola came across Yin Yoga and the Krama method.  Taking their diploma was a distinct turning point for her, both in terms of personal development and in general awareness.  She remains in contact with these methods, participating in various seminars under such names as Biff Mithoefer, David Regelin and Prema Mayi.

In 2019, Viola embarked upon the Centered Yoga Dona Holleman method after meeting Patrizia Gregori.  She feels that, qualifying after three years of teacher training, she has reached another level, both as student and as teacher.

Her lessons are vigorous yet traditional and they are naturally inspired by the principals of the Centered Yoga Dona Holleman approach.  She makes simplicity the basis of her teaching, encouraging students to always be present, attentive and honest.

Along with Yoga, her other passion is Astrology. She is currently studying Vedic Astrology.